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Author: Raj Pal S Kharabanda
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How A Bike Tour Is More Worth Than 3K In FB Ads

Why should a bike tour be worth more than 3K in FB ads? A bike tour for your guests does not cost three thousand dollars. It does not even get close to $200. Yet although hotels and resorts charge only a moderate rate for a bicycle tour, it is worth much more than one can imagine. Guests book a bicycle tour to discover the landscape, to obtain a better idea of the culture and to get in touch with the place's citizens. Most of the guests are not aware that they are actually gaining a totally new experience that they will carry with them for a very long time. Offering a bike tour is not just another service, but one of the best opportunities you can have to build a very strong relationship with your guests or at least powerful memories. A bicycle tour is an event. It is exciting, more or less exhausting, fun and cool. It creates joy and it binds the group. The people get to know each other and start communicating. They tell stories and share feelings and passion. Overall it is a fun activity that has a very positive outcome. Whilst driving around people like to take pictures, videos, take a break at a lovely place and enjoy the time with each other. Pictures and videos are taken to remember special moments. Therefore, the bike tour will be seen by many different people and the participants will tell their story over and over again. Certainly, they are doing word-of-mouth marketing (essentially free of charge). The reason why they are doing it just has to do with the joy the bike tour has brought into their lives. Thus, such a small event has a lot of potentials and oftentimes it exceeds one's expectations. In addition, it often surpasses all of your great services combined due to the fun factor and activity. As I mentioned before, such a bike tour is very powerful in regards to your image and uniqueness. It is unimaginable to figure out how far the message of these experienced events goes. Your event could reach the other side of the world due to one shared picture. As soon as you are aware of and fully realize the immense positive outcomes of a bicycle tour, you should think about offering tours for a very low cost or even for free. You gain much more in the long run even though you do not charge anything for your tours. I suggest thinking about it for a while; imagine how a bike tour is set up, where to go, where to rest, where to take pictures/videos, where to have a snack, where to have chats and so on. Make up your mind and really think about how many more guests you can attract by offering bike tours that are very low cost or free of charge. Perhaps your tours will become so famous that people come to your place solely to experience a tour that is one of a kind. After a few successfully completed bike tours you can think about integrating surprises, special gifts for completion, photo booths, access to areas only for VIPs and other interesting tools and gadgets. This activity could improve the ranking of your accommodation enormously. Watch the video: https://youtu.be/RObnYkb-W7c Increase your direct bookings with profound strategies that you can implement today. Pick my brain at http://www.kharabanda.com Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9889630