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Author: Genie Fletcher
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The Fun of Recreational Water Skiing at Summer Camp

Water skiing is one of the most popular sports at summer camp and it is clear why kids look forward to their lessons. On top of the joy they feel just being on the water, kids are able to enjoy mastering a series of challenges as they go from being a beginner to learning expert tricks. While water skiing is just plain fun, kids also enjoy the following benefits every time they venture out on to the water. Learning to Work as a Team Every watersport requires multiple people on board for safety purposes. However, water skiing adds new elements to the game that makes it fun to learn how to work as a team. On every water skiing boat at camp, there is a licensed driver along with professionally certified instructors that guide children in lessons regarding how to spot the skier and use hand signals to communicate. The kids enjoy watching each other succeed in learning new skills so much that cheers from the boat are commonly heard all the way to the shoreline. Discovering the Rewards of Patience Mastering a new trick doesn't happen overnight. In fact, it can take several tries before a kid is able to get into a standing position and hold it for more than a few seconds on the water. It can even take all summer to learn a new trick or style of skiing. Yet, the look of sheer joy on a kid's face the first time they do it says it all. Learning to build an impressive repertoire of tricks one step at a time rewards kids for their patience and dedication. Building Physical Strength At first glance, water skiing looks as if it would only tone the lower body. However, this is a whole body sport. As kids work to stand up and hold on to the rope, they work their leg and arm muscles, along with their core. Since an hour of water skiing burns up to 400 calories, kids also improve their overall physical health and stamina. After a session of skiing, kids are tired but revitalized from the thrill of flying across the open water. Showing Off Skills in Competitions Water skiing competitions are impressive to watch and they are even more fun to participate in as a competitor. Since everyone competing knows they all share a love for skiing, competitions are friendly and good-natured. In fact, it is common to watch older campers pass down tips they have learned over the years to the beginner skiers. Whether a kid is showing off their ability to zig zag between obstacles on a slalom course or reaching new heights by scoring the longest jump, the thrill of competing just adds to the fun. At camp, kids have the unique opportunity to explore new interests to discover what brings them the most joy in life. One of the great things about water skiing is that the fun doesn't have to end after camp since this sport can be enjoyed anywhere that water and a boat with skis can safely go. For most kids who learn to water ski at camp, this recreational activity becomes more than just a one-time summer event. It becomes a lifelong passion. Canadian Adventure Camp is a coed overnight summer camp for kids located on a beautiful private island in the wilderness lakes region of Temagami. Founded in 1975, it provides acclaimed programs to children from around the world! Visit site: http://www.canadianadventurecamp.com/campers/waterski-and-wakeboarding/ Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9528597