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Author: David Williams
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Top Location to Ski and Snowboard in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is considered as a top destination when it comes to winter sports. It's cheap, it offers great slopes and resorts and it is worldwide famous for its party life all-year around. I am going to give you a little bit info so you feel more informed when deciding where to go this winter. Bansko is one of the top destinations for skiing in Europe in general. It hosted the FIS World Cup alpine ski races. Its tracks range from green to black levels of complexity, so you can pretty much go there, regardless of your skiing experience. You can always take courses that usually take 5 days after which you will be able to go down the tracks on your own. The lifts are well maintained and can get you all the way to the top of the Pirin mountain. There are various huts and hotels equipped with SPAs and excellent gyms and restaurants. Lots of taverns at the top of the mountain where you can relax after a long and cold day of skiing, as well as lots of coffee stops and convertable bars where you can warm yourself mid-skiing are on every plateau near a lift. It's regarded as one of the top destinations for skiing in the Balkans and the fact that Bulgarian currency is twice as cheap as the Euro makes it an attractive place for foreign people. Another popular ski stop is Pamporovo. The resort has 55 km of ski-runs and 38 km of crosscountry skiing tracks making it one of the top ski resorts in Bulgaria. Seven snow-leveling machines and 90% secured with snow dispersing cannons ensure skiers a pleasant downhill rides. More than 100 exceedingly qualified ski and snowboard instructors, conversant in different languages, are accessible to help apprentices and help transition skiers to snowboarders. Some new runs have been made and there is presently another chairlift in operation servicing the new Stoykite ski runs. Again, there are lots of hotels, restaurants, taverns, huts, etc. that offer the visitors enjoyable relaxation atmosphere after the long hard days at the slopes. Another location, closer to Sofia this time is the Vitosha mountain. Lots of people from Sofia go there for the weekend during the winter, as it's in close proximity to the capital and has good slopes to unwind from the working weeks' pressure. It offers a range of slopes, not too steep so it's a better destination for the more unskilled skiers and snowboarders. The best thing about it is that you can stay at a hotel in the capital and get both a good look at the beauty that Sofia is during the winter and also run down some slopes and enjoy the winter sports. I am sure Italy and Switzerland sound more appealing but for tourists on a budget or people who intend to visit Bulgaria, it is one of the best options there is. I strongly recommend it as it's not only a good place to skii but it's also one of the most beautiful sights - Bulgaria covered in snow, that I have ever witnessed in my life. If you've never been to Bulgaria, GO now, if you have, you know what I am talking about! Teodor Tours Rent a Car - http://rentacar-tt.com/home-en.php Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9499246